Resistor Software Shopify Apps

Apps that immediately pay dividends and provide missing functionality from Shopify. These Apps have processed billions in sales, and they all come with free trials.


Cost of Goods Sold App

Provides functionality missing from Shopify including the management of the cost price of products sold and the calculation of the current value of all unsold inventory. Many other features including currency exchange, bulk price setting, and price replacement for the Free Shipping sales model.

Meta Tagger

SEO for Store Resouces

These days Shopify provides all the SEO support needed by merchants with the title and description fields for any resource. Meta Tagger was introduced before that support, but it remains a popular option today for managing these resources


Order Workflow Management

This App provides merchants with the ability to set a custom status level to any line item in any order. Custom emails can be sent out, status messages can be colorized, so it provides an at-a-glace view of just where items are in production.

Dutch Auction

Schedule Dynamic Pricing

The new Dutch Auction v2.0 is ready for use and has many new superior features to the old one. Please inquire to be setup today.

Tranparent Kitty

Keep track of sales per vendor

Used by many merchants in many domains, from digital music, to clothing to estate sales, the Kitty provides management of sales where a portion of every sale is split with others, and reporting is necessary to keep track of who was paid what.