Custom App Development

Resistor Software Inc. is one of the longest established Shopify Developers

Working with Resistor Software

The easiest way to start off any project is on the right foot. Standing on the right foot first.

I work well reading short lists with details clearly explained. As an engineer with a lot of experience, I can usually connect the dots and cross the t's figuring out the real deep underlying issues and perhaps the exact solution required. If not, I respond quickly to the request with question of my own, to help nail down what is needed.

The Work Cycle

A proposal is generated. If the work outlined is approved, in other words the deliverables and the budget, we start with a small deposit, payable via credit card and usually for a small percentage of the overall work. Once the work is delivered and approved, a final invoice is issued for payment

Merchants are responsible for any cloud computing fees that may be incurred in running application code and databases in the cloud. I prefer to use Amazon Web Services and the nice Software as a Service from to manage deployments. Heroku is owned by Salesforce and Amazon is well, clearly one of the biggest and best players on the Internet today. I stand by my work and to date, have many projects and clients dating back over a decade online. I could probably have more but so many businesses change over time, their Internet computing needs sometimes exceed my capacity to help them out. Happy Trails!