Shopify Expertise

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Early Development with Shopify

Shopify has not always been a platform as rich as the one on offer today. In the earliest interactions with Shopify, web developers had no choice but to leverage expertise and indivudual skills to make e-commerce with Shopify great. We hacked and customized using Javascript and the few hooks into Shopify to deliver world-class web shops.

A Decade Later - Modern Shopify

The Shopify platform today offers developers a rich API, a selection of desirable Themes from top agencies and designers all over the world, as well as plugin Apps to improve the platform for almost any customer.

There remain many small issues with Shopify that can only be resolved with some custom development, exactly like the efforts to customize a Wordpress Blog or a some aspect of the Enterprise operations software. As a small sample, we develop code to sell products with a unit price that have variable dimensions. Some products ship with special freight forwarding companies and thus shipping rates can only be presented to the customer via custom code. Those are some common situations we resolve for the merchant.

For Shopify Plus customers, we write scripts right inside Shopify itself to modify how checkout and the cart work for customers. It is amazing the level of control possible with scripting inside Shopify. Discounts, shipping rates and special processing are all accomplished much easier for Plus, and one day, hopefully all merchants will be offered these features.